Gardens 2012, The Tale of Two Gardens

illustration garden plot Yesterday I wrote about the fact that I have two plots at two different community gardens. I made a tongue-in-check comment about how this is going to be a Tale of Two Gardens comparing the two plots.

Well the tounge is out of the cheek now so the title of this project can roll off it instead. As I was working on the content for my upcoming Introduction to Organic Heirloom Gardening class, it occurred to me that I should do one garden plot as Square Foot/Intensive/Biodynamic gardening. I kind of do my own version now, but why not set out with the intention of teaching this old a new trick, and in the process, share it with you.

I will have thirty six 3'x1' spaces work with which are green areas in the illustration above.The tan areas are paths. I will finalize the selections for this garden this week.


Black Cherry Tomatoes, Small Tomatoes, Taste as Big as the Plants

Black_cherry I'm 6'4" and my Black Cherry Tomato plants are taller then me, and still growing. We had a severe thunderstorm Tuesday evening, and two of these plants fell over. It's a good thing the Northern Lights were there to catch them. The plants are fine. I'm can see using a ladder soon to put in the 8 ft. stakes that these plants are going to need. The plants are covered in delicious fruit. Sweet little morsels of flavor that pack a wallop as big as the plants. Add a nice bit of acid, and they are everything I want in a bite size tomato. These are first black tomato I've grown. Black Prince are on deck though. From reading around, I see the blacks and or purples are known for their intense flavor. I know Cherokee Purples are my favorite because of their intense flavor. I was tempted to grow Carbon this year, but I didn't. It's on my list for next year.

The tops of the plants resemble a lit Christmas tree with all the tiny yellow flowers signaling more flavor to come. Cherry tomatoes are my favorite choice among the smaller varieties. I find Juliet tomatoes are a really good choice in grape tomato varieties. A local farmer grows them, and they are a short harvest. I fell lucky when I stumble upon them at his stand. Somehow though, my heart belongs to cherry tomatoes.

Blackcherryplant The plants are easy to grow, seems to be disease resistent, are more wispy then bushy, and are very prolific. Just be forewarned, they are VERY tall. I'm actually looking forward to using the ladder and the 8 ft. stake. Also using a ladder to pick tomatoes will be a unique experience, and one I'm sure will attract a lot of attention at the community garden. If that should happen, I will post a photo or two.

Check out my project, a photo book of the buds of the 22 varities of tomatoes that I'm growing this year.