Gardens 2012, The Tale of Two Gardens

illustration garden plot Yesterday I wrote about the fact that I have two plots at two different community gardens. I made a tongue-in-check comment about how this is going to be a Tale of Two Gardens comparing the two plots.

Well the tounge is out of the cheek now so the title of this project can roll off it instead. As I was working on the content for my upcoming Introduction to Organic Heirloom Gardening class, it occurred to me that I should do one garden plot as Square Foot/Intensive/Biodynamic gardening. I kind of do my own version now, but why not set out with the intention of teaching this old a new trick, and in the process, share it with you.

I will have thirty six 3'x1' spaces work with which are green areas in the illustration above.The tan areas are paths. I will finalize the selections for this garden this week.