Library Seed Bank

Founded in 2014 by Jeff Quattrone, Library Seed Bank (LSB) brought the concept of seed libraries to the southern New Jersey area. Seed Libraries are collections of open pollinated and heirloom seeds that are housed at public libraries. The seed packages are available for patrons and or the public depending on the individual library’s policy, and it’s requested that seeds be returned from the plants that are grown. Returning seeds are not a requirement. Please visit the LSB’s Seed Libraries page for more information.



1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution

In 2017, Jeff’s first solo art art show, Growing the Food Sovereignty Revolution propaganda series, was the launch of Jeff combining his art with his activism. This series of propaganda posters are a homage to the Victory Garden series that the United States government produced during WWI and WWII that encouraged people to secure their own food to support the war efforts. As activists work to disengage people from the industrial food complex, which is about consolidation of food production and seed lines, this propaganda series addresses those issues, and expands the conversation about food sovereignty. Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to secure their own culturally appropriate food in a sustainable and just way. Access to nutritional food and clean water is a human right, and these posters support those rights.

Propaganda is usually associated with oppression, in this series, Jeff flips on that association, and uses it to empower people to connect and embrace their food sovereignty rights.


The start of it all. A retired blog about heirloom vegetables.


Dance, twirl
or get off the dance floor.

—Jeff Quattrone

About Jeff

Jeff Quattrone is the Founder of Library Seed Bank, an artist by accident and an activist by choice, Jeff strives to expand the conversation about preserving local food diversity through seed saving. Embracing propaganda to do so, Jeff created the Growing the Food Sovereignty Revolution propaganda poster series, and the Plant Propaganda blog. Take a tour of this website to see his artwork, the community work he's involved in and his creative work.