Don’t Waste the Harvest Festival & Barn Dance


Jeff produced the first #pumpkinchallenge outside of the UK.

#pumpkinchallenge was the original hashtag, which progressed to #pumpkinrescue

From Hubbub website about the Pumpkin Rescue;
Pumpkin Rescue uses everyone’s favourite spooky staple as a way to talk about the edible food we throw away and easy steps we can take to make the most of it instead. It's a celebration of food that challenges preconceptions, teaches new skills and has some fun along the way.

Since its launch in Oxford in 2014, Pumpkin Rescue has taken the world by storm. In 2015 Pumpkin Rescue was taken on by 25 UK towns and even crossed oceans to the USA. 2016 saw over 40 community festivals across the UK and Asia, supporting 126 events. In 2018, a total of 31 groups ran 40 events across the UK.