Live at indiegogo, Library Seed Bank

graphic for the Library Seed Bank projectI also have a blog set up for the Library Seed Bank. I will be cross posting between the two blogs as about the progress. The indiegogo option I chose was to accept funding even if I don't reach my goal. Unlike Kickstarter, where you have to reach your goal to get the funds, indiegogo allows you to accept all donations if you choose. My first priority is to set up a nonprofit so I can get grant, and accept donations. Everything else after that is icing on the cake. My first seed bank goes in at the McCowan Memorial Library in Pitman, NJ. I have a couple other leads that I'm following up on, so I will let you know if they happen.

Please share the link for this project if you feel comfortable doing so. It's a tremendous opportunity to create a community-based structure to preserve local heirloom varieties of plants, and local gardening knowledge. Information and agriculture have sustained society from the start. Now, with the Library Seed Bank, we can bring the two together as an heirloom social structure for future generations.