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Welcome to new visitors!

The new year, 2017 is changing the dynamic of this project.
Here are a couple of updates.

  • One major update, the Local Food Market Model GoFundMe campaign.
    Welcome to the new visitors from there!
  • I have a solo art show of food sovereignty propaganda posters inspired by the American Victory Gardens posters from WWI and WWII. I'm also working on posters for local heirloom foods, and a storytelling project about the history of food sovereignty in southern New Jersey, and the advocates and activists working on it today. I'm finally blending my art and activism.
  • I have two Grow and Nominate programs this summer to nominate selections to Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste. The Earliana tomato and the Jenny Lind Melon.

Please Like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter at @libraryseedbank since there will be quicker updates there. I plan on rolling my older blog, Vanishing Feast, An Heirloom Solution,  into this one.

Thanks again for your interest and support.

Jeff Quattrone
Founder, Library Seed Bank

Project Mission
To establish seed banks at public libraries and community groups for free and open access to open pollinated plant seeds.
No GMOs.

How a Library Seed Bank (LSB) Works
A library member, or a community group member checks out a package of seeds just like they would check out a book. They grow the plants, collect the seeds, and return a package of the collected seeds to the library. That simple.

First Seed Bank for LSB
The first seed bank established by LSB is at the McGowan Memorial Library in Pitman, New Jersey. The Board of Directors approved it in September 2013, and the Seed Library went live on February 22, 2014. A second seed library opened in April 2014 at the Woodbury Public Library, Woodbury, New Jersey.

Please take a look at the Recent Post section on the right updating the work that LSB is doing. The blog will be much more active in 2016.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Ray Benable

    Jeff, We made tomato pie, had your string beans, and enjoyed the delicious corn. Thank you for our dinner tonight
    Ray and Rebecca Venable
    Always shop local and support your town

    1. Jeff Quattrone

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks! Just as I was reading this, Annie posted about the tomato pies in Woodbury Talk. I love that synchronicity.

      Thank you for support! Yes, always shop local and support your town. That's how you build a vibrant and sustainable community.


  2. Ray Venable

    Another excellent selection from our neighborhood farm market. Corn, tomatoes, and beets were enjoyed for our evening dinner. Once again Jeff, Thanks
    Ray and Rebecca Venable


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