On Being Challenged

A lot of what I write about here is about looking at your life as a story you write everyday. One example I use is to look at the challenges that arise in your life as plot twists, since that's where the magic happens. They provide that rich and unexpected content that makes your story truly your own. These challenges add depth to any story, and they open up story lines and character development better than anything planned. It's a great concept, and this unexpected delay in Italy for a week is exactly the type of opportunity I always refer to.  Be careful what you wish for could apply here. It will take a long to process all of this, and to pay for it, and in the week that I've been back, I have had little time to figure any of it out. Salone del Gusto Terra Madre (SGTM) was an awe-inspiring experience. The scale of this event was vast, the commitment demonstrated by Slow Food International to their mission was impressive, and that impressive commitment was on display by the Slow Food Presidiums, food communities and producers who were exhibitors and vendors. I was truly overwhelmed and inspired. I have a lot of exciting and interesting stories to share with you going forward.

I highly recommend this event. Turin, the host city is a wonderful, and the experience that I had staying at the foot a UNESCO World Heritage site was quite frankly, unbelievable. I'm a very lucid dreamer, and there was a plaza in this enclave that I have dreamt about over the course of my life. There was also an intersection in Turin that I've dreamt about. To see these two places so randomly on this trip opened this story up to level that a true storyteller could only dream about. Literally. Between these events, the awe inspiring SGTM, and the unexpected 7 day delay in Rome, it makes sense why I feel so stunned.

Stay tuned, and you will see how being stunned is processed into inspiration.