My Book is Now Available!

Cover photo Future TomatoesIt's with much fanfare, and great pride,that I announce my book is now available for sale. To recap, the book is a collection of macro photographs of tomato budsand stories about the plants that I grew last summer. Macro photography for those who aren't familiar, is photography that shows fine details of the subject being shot. It's like shooting a photograph through a magnifying glass.

Back to the book, for now it could be purchase two ways;

1. - Yes, I know there's a boycott by some going on against Amazon, but others are still shopping there, so if you are still shopping there, here's a link to the page, Future Tomatoes.

2. You can buy the book from my estore at Create, that's the online print on demand source I use to publish this book.

The book will be written about in upcoming blog post. Once that happens, I will post a link. The words charming, delightful and authentic were relayed back to me by the person who will be writing about it.

I'm in the process of incorporating into Magic Hat Media LLC. Once that happens, I'll look into a true eCommerce site where I can sell the books directly, and handle the through my site, and not third parties. I did reserve, so look for that soon. Since I am self-contained media creation machine, might as well don a magic hat, and let the magic take over.

The check is in the mail... ... to become a vendor at 2nd Annual Heirloom Expo Sept. 11, 12, 13, 2012 in Santa Rosa, CA. There will be a captive audience there, as well as some networking opportunities, so I'm going there to immerse myself and my work.

AT the expo, I will be selling this book, previewing my second book, which is a cookbook based on the harvest of the still to be determined number of varieties of vegetables I'm growing this year, providing that nature cooperates, and keeps the hail storms away. I will also be selling calendars, photographs and hats.

Yes hats! Magic Hat Media, Millineryman, see a trend here. Millineryman is more than the name I write under here. I'm also am a nonpracting milliner who will now be crafting some really cool and funky gardening type hats.

So that's it for now. The garden should be complete by next week, so I hope to have a complete run down of everything I'm growing by than.