Seeds, The Divine Inspiration of Mother Nature

Seeds Seeds are amazing. Amazing in it's true intent, not like it gets tossed around today to express something that is done very well, or brings about a level of joy or excitement. A seed is divine inspiration provided by mother nature. 

A seed brings nourishment, taste, aroma, texture, sound and visual stimulation. It's a source of life. A source that sustains life. Seeds are an essential part of existence, and have been for every generation of that has inhabited the earth. As I work through this story of Vanishing Feast and focus on the tangible result, a source of food, it's equally important to raise the awareness of seeds. If it wasn't for the seeds, we would all vanish.

Seed saving, a necessity for many generations, is a tradition is equally under threat as the plants are. The two can't be separated. No seeds. No plants. No life. Living in our suburban, consumer, big box culture, the ease of purchasing plants removes the public from the seed saving tradition. It puts the power to sustain life and varieties in the hands of business, not people.

As part of this story, seed saving will be an equal focus as the plants and vegetables. To separate the two would be disingenuous. Thanks to the dedication of seed savers who realized exactly what's at stake, a lot of the diversity of plants has survived. Some have vanished, and that's truly unfortunate. With the progress of technology, and the direction of society, we have been foolish in many ways, brilliant in others. Part of what I want to focus on here is to elevate how essential seed diversity is, and honor their purpose for being. With out them, our being will vanish.