Disaster Abound, a Diamond Emerges

Future_tomatoes_CVR Well the kickstrater thing didn't happen, and some family of mine are betraying their commitment and my trust in them, so I will not be at the Heirloom Expo as I had hoped. A hail storm decimated my garden, and I now longer have anything but rotten and scared tomatoes, and plants that ar so damaged that I'm debating pulling them up to end their misery. I was able to to salvage some tomatoes, but my melons are gone approximately two weeks before they would be ripe. I had some really nice Canary melons and some equally nice Jenny Linds. I have sunflowers that are decapitated. It looks like a scene of a horror film. Oh well. The book, Future Tomatoes, has a very rough draft completed though. That's the diamond. So as would be expected in any any epic, disaster has to strike. It just does. Just read Greek mythology. And while I'm a big fan of reading Greek mythology, not so much though of living a slight version of one of their myths. It's a good thing I focused on the buds, or else this book might not have happened.

I'm very proud of the book. I have a book signing lined up at the library in my town after the first of the year. Now that I have one confirmed, I will book more. The book will become a fund raising tool. By leveraging the discount I will get from createspace.com by joining their Pro Plan, I will be able to approach the libraries in the area with the offer of a talk about heirloom vegetables and what people can do to save them, and a portion of the proceeds from a book sale that will go directly to the library. Hopefully, a seed company will want to provide seeds as incentive for people to attend.

The fund raising aspect of this book will not be limited to libraries. I will make the book available to any organization that supports the mission of preserving heirloom plants, sustainable and local support of farms, farm preservation etc. Farm market associations are one example, CSAs are another, and so are garden clubs.

So that's the spin for now. I'm quite dizzy from spinning the events of the past two weeks. I will be catching up with some stories about the tomatoes I harvested before the storm now that the book is an draft format.