Cuor Di Bue, Italian Oxheart Tomatoes Taste Great

photo cour di bueI can't wait to make sauce with these. The first tomatoes came off the vine today, and while a little small compared to the fruits that will be coming, the taste for me is what I want in a tomato. Sweet but not overwhelming, a robust and clean tomato taste, and nice finish of acid to cleanse the pallete. The sweet and the acid are balanced nicely, and the tomato itself is full of genuine tomato flavor. Sometime I will buy jars of prepared sauce from Italy when there is a good sale. I often wondered what tomatoes they used for these sauces. I doubt they are San Marzanos because if they were, it would be noted on the label. The taste is very close to the flavor of the jar sauces I buy, and close to the taste of the canned Italian tomato puree I buy also.

From what I've read, the Cour Di Bue is considered a good saucing tomato and is considered a red tomato. It has a dense and meaty texture. The vines that I'm growing are vigorous, however I haven't grown too many oxhearts so I don't have a frame of reference to compare this variety to. They are VERY prolific. It's considered a rare tomato in the USA, and I can see that it will be in my garden every year. I am very pleased.

I ordered my seeds from here, however I got a different brand then what is available now.

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