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Vandana Shiva is at forefront of seed advocacy. Please watch this video where she gives a thoughtful and passionate explanation of why she chose to become a seed advocate. It sums the state of the seed business and the challenges that seed collectors and farmers are up against.

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by the McCowan Memorial Library today, and for your interest in our program. The Library Seed Bank (LSB) is very excited and grateful the McCowan Memorial Library is so supportive of this new and innovative program.

The program will launch in early 2014. Please Like the McCowan Library's Facebook page for updates, or leave a comment on this post. To comment, you need to leave an email address which is not public. I will not sell it or use it for any other purpose except to inform you of the launch.

LSB is very excited about the New Jersey Heirloom Tomato Seed Collection that will be part of the Seed Library at McCowan, along with some other local, historic varieties.

Another thing we're excited about here at LSB is the The Garden Journal that will be launched with the Seed Library. The journal will be a pdf form that you can record you gardening experiences for your records, and if you choose to, submit them as part of the research connected to Historic Seed Map. With climate change upon us, a lot of the old rules might not apply going forward, and it would help capture any changes in phenology, which according to;

1. The scientific study of periodic biological phenomena, such as flowering, breeding, and migration, in relation to climatic conditions.

This journal could help demonstrate the impact of climate change. Henri David Thoreau was a keen observer of nature, and is a primary source of inspiration for LSB. This journal is a tribute to him.

Check in with us on Sunday for updates about the progress of things here at LSB. The ground's been tilled, and the soil is fertile. Join us and help us grow.